Legal Online Poker For Massachusetts Residents

Residents who enjoy playing legal Massachusetts online poker have a few hoops to jump through. Between state and federal laws regulating online gambling, cutting through the red tape to get to your Massachusetts Hold'em table can seem like more hassle than it's worth. Playing poker online in the state of Massachusetts or almost any other state in America is technically still legal. When the US Department of Justice recently announced that they were redefining the Federal Wire Act of 1961 to refer specifically to sports betting, the legalities of online poker play in Massachusetts got a little less complicated.

Playing online poker in Massachusetts is no longer subject to the Federal Wire Act, and since residents of Massachusetts recently did away with pending legislation that would have criminalized online poker, playing poker at a legal online poker site in the state of Massachusetts is still legal. Since there are still no live casino poker games in Massachusetts, online poker is the best choice for Massachusetts residents who want to play real poker for real money.

Is Online Poker Legal In Massachusetts?


Since the Federal government has suggested they won't use the Wire Act to prosecute Americans who play online poker, citizens of Massachusetts are able to play online poker at the smattering of poker rooms online still accepting American cash bets.

What about the UIGEA? The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is the US government's way of trying to control online gambling, by controlling the ways that Massachusetts poker players have to add cash to their online poker account. The UIGEA says that it is illegal for American banks to do business with known online gambling properties. If you're a Massachusetts resident who has had trouble using your credit card or bank account to add money to your poker accounts, that's why. Luckily, online poker rooms that accept wagers from people in Massachusetts use a legal loophole to avoid prosecution under the UIGEA: legal alternative deposit methods like eWallets and prepaid credit cards.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Massachusetts Residents


Bovada Poker - Most Popular Massachusetts Poker Site

Although there may be quite a list of options available on the World Wide Web to engage others in an intense hand of poker, there are few which are of the highest quality in the gaming experience. Bovada is one such site that is tailor made for the American poker player. This online poker room boasts a streamlined and attractive interface which can be played directly on the site, downloaded or accessed from a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device anywhere. Bovada is the highest rated online poker site in the land with weekly free rolls and tournaments guaranteed for $100,000. The fine folks at Bovada have been in the game for nearly 20 years hosting some of the best customer service and ample payouts around with amazing perks and bonuses provided to its clients. New members have the chips stacked high right off the bat in an amazing 100% welcome bonus worth up to $1000. The refer-a-friend program keeps the free money rolling in with a 200% boost off of each friend’s first deposit directly into the member’s account. Bovada remains the Ace in the hole for locals of Massachusetts, uncontested.

BetOnline Poker - Sit N Go's, Ring Games, + Big Entry Tourneys

Residents of Massachusetts can take solace in knowing that they have a hand of steady options to play legal online poker. BetOnline is one of those options which rises up above the rest. Having been in business for over a decade, this site displays a stunning interface to play directly off of the page, download or even play anywhere at any time from a mobile device. This online poker room grants daily free rolls to its lucky members as well as over $250K in guaranteed tournaments. Revolving promotions are endless with many special events which include the 4 of a Kind challenge where users land an extra $40 just for holding 4 like cards during a game. New members get a boost to an account the first time they deposit cash into their account with a 200% Sign-Up Bonus worth up to $1000, allowing players a head start when first sitting down at the table. BetOnline’s slogan reads as “Because you can” and it is a wonder to Massachusetts locals that it doesn’t say “Because you should” when entering the online poker rooms.

SportsBetting Poker - Massachusetts Players Get Same Day Payouts

SportsBetting is a tried and true online poker destination for users all across the world and Massachusetts residents have come to respect the long standing site just as many before them. Sporting free payouts to its members once a month and an absolutely stunning 27% Rake back every Wednesday, players can focus on what is most important in a heated hand of poker. As accounts fill with winnings, members are happy to collect free money along with their piles of chips in the form of politely aggressive rebates and free rolls. For over a decade, SportsBetting has provided the utmost in service to the American poker player and stands tall at the table of online poker playing options. Signing up only takes moments and it is only a few moments more until the winning hands are laid upon the table. This poker room has many different deposit options that include American Express, VISA, MasterCard, prepaid cards, BitCoin and more! Payouts are also a breeze here too!

Massachusetts Online Poker Laws

No matter how many times individuals in the state government of Massachusetts attempt to criminalize online poker, the citizens of the state stand up for their rights. A mass email campaign recently shut down a very big bill that would have made online poker illegal state-wide. As of this writing, online poker play is still legal for Massachusetts residents as long as they are playing at a legal poker room and using alternative payment transfer methods. Consult a legal professional if you have questions about the legality of online poker in Massachusetts.


Is it Legal to play Land Based Poker in Massachusetts?

Poker players in Massachusetts are going to have to stay under the radar a little longer as currently there is no form of legal poker in Massachusetts. The law strictly forbids any activity that will result in the gain of money based on the outcome of a game or event.

The good news in a way about the laws of Massachusetts in relation to land based poker is that most often the law targets the operators of poker rooms more so than the players. Several sections of the law are dedicated to defining what it is considered to be operating an illegal gambling institution and what the penalties for this act are. Missing are any sections or laws condemning or charging the actual players in these establishments.

In short playing poker is not technically illegal but operating a poker room inside the state is. Someone hosting poker night in their house isn’t going to get raided by a swat team, but any operation where the owner of the property is taking some form of commission like rake will probably be considered highly illegal.

Punishments for being one of the proprietors of these rooms includes a ten thousand dollar fine, and imprisonment for up to 15 years in a state prison. As stated above there is no official fine for playing in an illegal game of poker, players won’t be jailed or fined but they could still stand to lose money. There is a law in Massachusetts that allows a loser of illegal gambling to file a civil suit to reclaim the money they lost. This means that even without being fined or jailed, gambling illegally in Massachusetts could still lead to losing profits.

Legal Land Based Poker Rooms in Massachusetts

Simply put there are no legal land based sites for poker in Massachusetts. They don’t authorize any buildings in the state to hold poker tournaments or otherwise offer a place for poker players to play poker. Not only are poker rooms unavailable for Massachusetts residents, the state actively hunts down and crushes the rooms that do try and sneak under the law. Any poker player wanting a quality poker room experience is going to have to look elsewhere as Massachusetts simply doesn’t have it.

That being said Massachusetts isn’t completely dictatorial about playing poker. For the most part the law is only interested in seeking out and putting a stop to larger poker rooms that earn commission from the players that play at them. The poker player looking to invite some friends over for beers and poker won’t need to fear legal action as they are not technically operating an illegal poker room.

This means that as long as a local poker game is hosted with no fees and is limited to purely playing poker as one would in a casino, then the act is perfectly legal and safe to do. There is no penalty for just playing poker so these games won’t be punishable under law.

Note: The above does not constitute as legal advice for our visitors. We do try and give you the most accurate information available, but with legal online gambling going through alot of changes right now, we can not guarantee the accuracy. If you have any questions about the legality of online poker in your part of Massachusetts, you should seek the advice of a lawyer. Or you can check other sites like for a full list of USA poker sites.

Bovada has a $100k poker tournament every Sunday that Massachusetts residents are welcome to join.